Born in 1968 in Chili,

lives and works in Paris


« In her work, every body is a face, an exposed body. Between naked faces and unveiled bodies, Paz Corona paints face-uncovered bodies. Women bodies that expose themselves without pornography, eroticism or academism. Simply human. As an ode to the body, in Paz Corona, nudity is about the glory of painting and its power to strip bare. This is why, for her, painting is an art of the face: an art that faces up. The paradox of painting: putting colors on a canvas to strip it bare. Sometimes, parts of the painting are uncovered, hence revealing the canvas underneath, the body of the canvas, the paint directly on the skin, as a veil unveiled. » – Gérard Wajcman

Artist and also psychoanalyst, Paz Corona is member of the School of the Freudian cause and the world association of psychoanalysis. In 2015, she presents «Face to Face» at the Alliance Française of Delhi and the Harrington Street Arts Center in Calcutta (India). She was part of “Le temps de l’audace et de l’engagement”, a collective exhibition at the IAC in Villeurbanne (France) and in «Sèvres Outdoor» at the Jardin de la Manufacture in Sèvres (France) in 2016. In 2017, she had a solo show at gallery Les filles du Calvaire. Her works are regularly presented in international fairs.

Paz Corona is represented by the gallery Les filles du Calvaire


Mas sol que sombre, Gallery Les filles du calvaire, Paris, France
Art Brussels, Gallery Les filles du calvaire, Bruxelles, Belgique
Camera Camera, Hotel Windsor, Nice, FRANCE

Le temps de l’audace et de l’engagement - De leur temps, ICA, Villeurbanne, France

Face à Face, Alliance Française de Delhi, IndE
Face à Face, The Harrington Street Arts Center, Calcutta, Inde
Solo Show, Art Paris Art Fair, France
Art Genève 2015, Genève, Suisse
Sèvres Outdoors, Sèvres, France

La femme d’à côté, Gallery Les filles du calvaire, Paris, France
Art Paris Art Fair 2014, Paris, France

Ulysse, c’est moi, Gallery Les filles du calvaire, Paris, France

Duo avec Olivier Mosset, Gallery Les filles du calvaire, Paris, France


Paz Corona - Editions du Regard - 2017